Can Homeschool Students get good student discount?


Evidence suggests that homeschool students exhibit levels of maturity and responsibility beyond their peers of the same age. Unfortunately, the insurance industry has fallen behind others in dealing with the unique properties of homeschoolers.

I speculating here, but I believe this is due to variations in state laws and disclosure requirements for homeschooling. It can be difficult for airlines to identify the cream of the crop in this category. Some states require third party verification of the progress of the student or parents must first acquire certification before they homeschool their children. Unlike most other states, Indiana is perhaps the most condusive to empowering parents to educate their own children and the least restrictive of their claims.

approach my industry tends to be one-size-fits-all. If a company can not be a factor that can be applied to all markets (ie,. Each country they do business), they will not bother.

It is exciting to see a change in this trend. Families ,, regional insurance companies as Indiana Farmers Mutual are thinking outside the box and now reward qualifying homeschool students with the same 10% good student discount their peers in public and private school can obtain.

This is one of many benefits of insuring with regional carriers like Indian farmers. Because they just do business in Indiana, they are able to deal with the specific needs of this market. They are not bound by the one-size-fits-all standard that many domestic insurers are facing.

Congratulations to you Indiana farmers. It is rewarding to see that industry leadership from business in Indiana.


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