Homeschooling budget


Homeschooling can be a costly business. A complete curriculum can cost over $ 800 per year. That’s not including supplies. You can homeschool without breaking the bank.

homeschooling cheap is not an impossible task. The volume of information on the internet today and it is relatively easy. You just have to know where to look. Obviously, there are sites like National Geographic and Discovery Channel priceless, but have you heard of 42explore? There are a lot of educational sites that are adaptable to homeschooling. Do a search for K-12 Education, and you will come up with thousands of hits. Each of these sites have many links to other interesting sites. The only problem is trying to decide which site has the best information for you. You can create all materials from online resources. Here is an example:









Bible Study:

I use Gutenberg for 80% of the literature curriculum mine. We also get our history, geography and science lessons online. We already have a math worksheet view generator. (Which you can also create online) We do not spelling, grammar or vocab drills, but instead incorporate it into study our literature.

Using the can save you lots of money but you have to make sure you meet state requirements. The requirements of our state are pretty easy but some are more rigid. Make sure you’re maintaining relevant data about your state.


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