Homeschooling Programs -? Which one is right for your child


How do you go about deciding what homeschooling program is right for your child? There are so many choices to choose from. So how do you decide? The task is not as difficult as it may seem at first. Here are some simple things you can do to move from indecision of the decision.

First, take a survey of the child. What is your child like? What interests him / her? She is computer literate? He can navigate his way around the Internet? How is discipline your child? What is your goal for your child’s education? Do you want your child to have a religious or secular teaching?

As you work through these questions first, you will begin to eliminate certain homeschooling program. If you are interested in religion based program then immediately you’ve spent a lot of secular schools. If your child is not Internet savvy, or you do not feel comfortable now allow the child to be online, you can eliminate programs that deliver their lessons through the web. How much time you have available to teach your child every day? How competent you are in the various disciplines will be taught? You may want to focus on homeschooling school where you are not only your child’s teacher and also to get some help on the administrative chores.

See you’re almost at the moment of decision. Now you want to test drive some programs that are still running. Do not forget to also let your child take part in working with materials to see how the two of them get alone. Consider the price and whether there are payment plans. If you have settled on a school rather than just curriculum provider, be sure the school has the proper accreditation. Check with your state board of education if you are not sure. Now, you are ready to decide.


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