What is Waldorf homeschooling Method?


If you’re trying to find the best homeschooling method for you and your family, you’ve probably run several very popular models of teaching. Some of them you’ve probably read up on or have heard are: Classical, Christian Classical, Montessori, Eclectic, Charlotte Mason, and Waldorf homeschooling method

Walfdorf homeschooling has its origins in a man named Rudolf Steiner. . Steiner, an Austrian scientist, developed school levels and methods that have now become a program of homeschooling

Waldorf basis for their ideas centered on his views that they were made of three plants :. His spirit, his soul and his image. As part of his development basis that it incurs, he three modes of education :. Rising childhood, middle childhood and adolescence

He believed that a child has to educational approach within these three factors. For a child to be taught, and taught well, he needs to learn that appealed to his spirit, soul and body.

In Austria, Rudolf Steiner encouraged to teach MIDDLE SCHOOL for children of workers in a cigarette factory. It was in this college that he was able to test and try the philosophy.

by his experience, his ideas became assured him. He developed his ideas in a mentoring program that was used in community schools, not only in Austria, but throughout America. The Waldorf homeschooling method has gained popularity since then.

Steiner had such confidence in his work, he created a middle school with his belief. The school ended up being very successful. Steiner educational model has yet to be implemented in some public schools.

Waldorf homeschooling has proved to be a productive approach. With Waldorf philosophy, every school day needs to help children learn through self-awareness, heart and hands. This method tries to bring life satisfaction and physical education in a child’s education. Most children love to learn through these settings.

When a child educationally involved through several different means, it is no wonder that they learn to love learning.


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