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There has never been a better time to choose to homeschool your child. There is a plethora of material to choose from, and thanks to the internet, they are immediately available, and many of them are free as well. A good place to start is at the planning stage. This need not be complex. Here is a list to get you started:

  • Will you teach general science or a particular policy, such as biology, geology, chemistry, etc. Now you can collect content accordingly.
  • What kind of budget you have to work with? If you’re using completely free resources along with library books, this option takes a little more planning, so it’s good to plan ahead and write it out.
  • Once you have determined your budget, start thinking about the teaching methods you will use, for example, natural, CD-ROM course, is on the line type, the traditional text book or a more hands-on experiment focused learning. Of course you can use a combination of these methods as well.

Science curriculum and equipment suppliers

Home Training Tools : They carry most of the well-known publisher (Apologia, Bob Jones Alpha Omega) and have a huge supply of scientific equipment. If you need glasses, burners, chemicals, preserved animals to dissect, etcetera, this is a great resource. The also provide many free dissection guides

Noeo Home School Science :. They provide their own line of curriculum kits. Individual components of the kits are available for purchase as well. Follow teacher includes a full 36-week program reading assignments, experiments and activities. The kits are typically 6-10 books, two or three that focus on famous scientists, and Club young scientist’s experiment kit that includes test signals instructions and all the hard-to-find supplies needed.These are very neat!

Free Science Resources : Some of these sites are for younger children and some high school / college level – check them out

Biology 4 Kids

– Biology Binder

-Troy High Home Labs [http://www.troy.k12.ny.us/thsbiology/labs_online/home_labs/labs_online_home_labs.html]

-The Biology Project

-On-Line Biology Book


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