Homeschooling Lesson Plans Made Simple


homeschooling child with theme-based learning is a fun way to teach and learn. You can instruct your child that you brainstorm them from almost any subject child shows interest.

Young children might prefer themes around things like apples, zoo, birds, stars, or your favorite writer. Whenever you tailor the homeschool lesson plans on the theme, learning will be much more fun and creative.

When you base your homeschool lesson plans on the subject, you will also want to determine how much time you will need to reach the theme

. You can spend anywhere from a week to a month on the theme, depending on how much your child wants to learn the material. I suggest spending only two weeks at most one theme.

It is not difficult to integrate themes homeschool lesson plans. You will also find out how much fun you and your child by learning so much through a particular theme.

You’re not really integrate all subjects in one subject. In fact you do not even make theme-based learning all the time when coming up with a home school lesson plans.

One of the most important things you can do is involve your child in the planning themes. Let you child have the freedom to choose the theme for the lessons.

By giving your child choices, help you to build up his or her interest in what you’re teaching. I think it is necessary to take the child as much as you can in all aspects of lesson preparation and planning.

Let’s have a look at an example to see exactly how you would use themes homeschooling lesson plans. Let’s say you choose the apple theme for your unit. That being the case, you might have a science lesson on how apples grow.

When we do the math, we worked on fractions by dividing the apple slices. Learning about Johnny Appleseed could be a lesson for the Social Studies. We could learn books about apples. For LANGUAGE ARTS, we could write a paragraph about apples

But it’s more :. We could make them apple slices we used in math lessons to create apple stamps lesson for our art. We could sing songs of apples. We could finish off with a cooking lesson and make apple bread or apple sauce.

The important thing to remember when you’re putting together a theme-based homeschool lesson plans is to use the interests of the child. You will make learning more fun when you use thematic elements to enhance the curriculum you have already planned.


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