Home School Preschool Curriculum -? Which one should I choose


One of the most difficult aspects of homeschooling kindergarten is to decide what homeschool preschool curriculum to use. Before looking at the many applications on the market, think about your family’s needs. How much time has to spend preparing teaching and teach your child? How much money you want to spend? Is your child ready for structured formal learning? What type of activities your child enjoy?

If you have a busy schedule or have many children to teach, you may want to use a program that has a pre-planned schedule, and requires little preparation and teaching time. Consider using traditional programs like A Beka or Horizons, which comes with lesson plans and workbooks. Rod and Staff sells a collection of preschool workbooks that are Christian-based and easy to use.

Little Hands to Heaven also comes with a pre planned schedule. This Christian program teaches the essential skills kindergarten with 33 units that are centered around Bible stories. Although the program is built, it is flexible enough to be used by children of many age at the same time.

If preschooler enjoys reading, consider using a home-based school kindergarten. Programs like Sonlight, Winter Pledge and five in a row sent their lessons on literature classic children. As you read and discuss stories with your children, they learn everything they need to know about kindergarten and beyond.

So what do you do with the wiggly ones? Lapbooks! Hands of a child and homeschool Share provide hands-on lapbooking activities you can use to teach the kinesthetic students we all love. If your child still does not want to participate, skip lessons!

Preschoolers can learn everything they need to know by helping us with household chores and errands. Talk to your child about numbers, patterns, shapes, and letters and their sounds. Read picture books and make up your own stories. Make maps and photos for loved ones. Take a trip to the zoo and library story times.

Real-Life communication is the best curriculum for your preschooler. Everything else is just a supplement.


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