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After the decision to homeschool, one of the overwhelming choices facing parents is to choose studies. If you have been paying the least bit of attention to your children through the years, and I suppose you have, you begin to realize that children learn in many different ways -. Even children in the same family

If you’re starting to homeschool after your children have spent many years in school outside of your home, it can take awhile to figure out how they learn best, because time in the public or private schools can turn anyone into “workbook” student. Rushing curriculum purchase, then almost instant recipe for disappointment and frustration. So sit back, pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, take a deep breath and read on before you buy it first book! (But do not despair if you’ve already spent some money – it is always used book sales.)

Here is how to calculate the child’s learning process

* take a few weeks only. watching them. Yes, I said weeks! This is a process, and the more information you gather, the more clearly you will be on how to move forward. Providing educational books (fiction and non-fiction), games, models, kits, software, etc. (except restricted and supervised surfing allowed!) And see what they gravitate to. What do they choose to do when they have free time? What toys they do not like to play with? Take good notes ~ you will not remember, trust me.

* Look at your notes and see how their choices fit into the following categories. While there are many ways to assess learning styles, this particular way is based on the characteristics of personality or temperament. I find it easier to use these distinctions, they take into account how a person behaves and responds to situations outside the school environment

The Active student, sometimes known as “strong-willed” child; do hands-on activities, manipulatives, construction type toys; Most children in this category

The routine student, best suited to a traditional curriculum; feel Worksheet / workbooks and complete the task

The Specific student, needs to be challenged and uses hands-on activities to deepen their understanding of concepts; well positioned to learn the supervisor

The Global student, loves to work and learn in a group; fun to read and learn about the ideas in the context of

* Start Word document and write a summary for you. If you keep this updated as your child grows and changes (some symptoms overlap even in the same person), you can use this as curriculum choice every year.

Now what do I do?

Check this resort as a starting point. Some catalog companies, such as rock solid, Timber Doodle and Homeschooling Books also provide assistance in choosing or evaluating curriculum choice. It is worth taking the time and understand the child’s learning process. Time spent now will pave the way for a positive and rewarding home school in the future.


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