Beka Homeschooling – Three Options for home school


Beka Home School, correctly known as Beka home school offers three options for you and your child to school to home. This article will discuss the three options.

Option one is called Video Option and offers a choice between recognized as a non-accredited program. I’m not sure why parents would want to choose not approved a plan for their child if the parent did the parent would have to keep records of the performance of the child. As for the approved program, A Beka confirms report cards and keeps a copy of the child’s work. The program is available from K5-grade 12 and provides Christian textbooks and all the necessary materials. The video is said to be of high quality and features a master teacher. There are basic courses and many electives to choose from. Under this option, the parent is more of a facilitator in the actual teaching is done through videos.

Option two is called Traditional Parent-Directed Option. This is a fully accredited program targeted students from K5 to six grade. Again, all you need is provided from Christian textbooks to workbooks, lesson plans, homework and tests. A Beka means registration. You do teaching using the materials provided, including lesson plans and calendar. There are even flash cards and other teaching aids provided.

A Beka Book is option three named Textbooks / Material for home schooling. This is a less formal programs covering kindergarten through 12th grade and is given by the biblical teaching all textbooks and materials. No diploma is given for this course instruction and no records are kept by the academy. This program seems to be more of an adjunct to other formal connection with teaching rather than stand alone program. Why would a parent always choose a non-accredited school or program for their child?


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