Homeschooling – 6 Reasons Why You tend Home School children


here are reasons why you should not send their children to traditional schools

1. Out Dated education.

2. The size classes.

3. Continuous Budget Cuts.

4. Rising crime in schools.

5. Mediocrity.

6. Lack of Wealth Building education

Out Dated Education Systems :.

the education that they are teaching kids in school have not been changed since the baby boomers were to download. They are teaching the industrial age education in this information age. The system really needs to be overhauled because we live in a completely different world than the industrial age. What worked for Grand Daddy sure is not going to cut it for our children when they graduate. More children go to school these days deep in debt before they even get a job or a good start in life. Something tells me they do not really want the nation to get too smart. Something is definitely wrong with this picture do not you think? Now they (the government) supposed to be dumb enough to buy their excuse that the reason for the price hike of fuel is due to supply and demand issue. Do you really think that there is not enough gas to go around? ? And why are all automobile manufacturers over producing gas guzzling

oversized courses SUV is among Toyota used to be known for low their compact cars

Class sizes used to be around 20 – 25 students not too long ago. Nowadays 30-35 seems to be the norm. Do you think that teachers can see a class that size? They can only see what they can see, period. Can you blame them? They only get paid so much to do their job. Most teachers will only work consistently with the main achievement of the people in the class. Sure there are some teachers who really take pride in their work and are willing to the extra mile with their students, but they represent a minority. If the child is difficult to learn when he or she will not receive the same treatment achievers will

Continuous Budget Cuts :.

government spends much more in war & space exploration but in educating children who will take over when & if we ever get to retire. When they do allocate money to education, most of it goes to public schools and higher levels. Cuts are the main reasons our class size is 30-35 students. They are cutting back on hiring enough professionals to teach students. They are even cutting back on books and supplies. I’ve heard of school without soap regularly in rest rooms in many public schools throughout the United States and Canada

Rising crime in school :.

This has got to be one of the biggest concerns that a parent could go through. We heard stories of the Columbine High School Shooting; well this kind of thing seems to be a growing concern of the authorities. Almost every month you hear some kind of incident involving a gun in our schools

mediocrity :.

They are to teach our children how to settle with less than what they are worth in order to teach them about how great they can be. Our children are not sheep to feed the economy. They deserve the best and it will not come from traditional schools. The middle class is quickly disappearing in the United States and Canada, and the main reason is because of all this mediocrity that they are trying to get everyone to swallow. Maybe that’s why there are so many to believe everything the media (tool of the government) say that nowadays

Lack of Wealth Building Education :.

When was the last time you heard of a class that teaches you how to become a millionaire? The next thing that comes close to the teaching performance is perhaps a course in business or management skills. Most of these classes are geared around working for the company instead of how to build an empire.

These 6 reasons should be more than enough to get you to think about what they are actually teaching children in school. I would encourage you to look into these issues a bit more before you even consider taking the children from school.

teach your children on your own can be overwhelming for someone with no experience, but it is definitely possible.

Education is not a priority for the government. I do not think they really want the crowd to get too smart.

What do you think?


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