Homeschooling – 6 questions to ask to find out if you have what it takes



Many parents who are thinking about homeschooling wonder if they have what it takes to homeschool their children. Although you do not need all these qualities to be a successful home schooler here are some features to consider when making the decision to home school

1. Do you love books on numerous subjects? Can you get interested in the subject and find the information you need to book?

2. Are you willing to learn and have a sense of wonder when you discover a new fact or idea? You can take a walk and enjoy your environment? You can look at the world around you and enjoy learning about what you see?

3. Are you flexible? Is it possible to get a break without being totally annoyed? Can you change your plans for the day if needed?

4. Do you enjoy spending time with your children? Do you enjoy reading to them and learn what they are interested in?

5. Will you follow when you set goals? Can you focus on your goals and have the confidence to do what needs to be done to see the goal achieved?

6. Are you willing to change what is not working when you find that the original plan did not turn out like you thought it would?

You know yourself and your children better than anyone. Homeschooling feel like moving into uncharted waters, but the parents feel this way too. You know the interests of your children and how they learn best. When you homeschool you have to trust your instincts to some extent too. If you feel that you are supposed to homeschool, then I encourage you to go for it. There are many support groups and fellow homeschoolers who can help you on your journey if you get stuck.


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