Home School Controversy


Home schooling has been around in its current form for nearly 40 years, is gaining in popularity and is legal in all 50 states. But it is still mired in controversy. Unfortunately, home school controversy due to both ignorance and self-interest of some groups. Talk to parents homeschooling their children, and you will hear stories of irony, observation, criticism and even that there is a social stigma for both parents and children. The school system and Parent Teacher Associations who think home schooling reflects badly on them, are active in their criticism.

Unfortunately, it is not only schools and parent companies that go court home schooling. Family, friends and neighbors all chipped in with their views and then, in most cases, home schooling is something they have never experienced and have no knowledge of, advice parents get is almost always negative. People have become conditioned to associate a school – buildings, classrooms, labs and gyms – with education. They believe that without formal physical structure, there can be no educations. They do not understand that education is the process of transferring knowledge and physical infrastructure only support the process and do not control. They feel that home schooled children are deprived of what should rightly given them. In some cases children are even discriminated in some games and social activities.

Other areas of the home school controversy is the fact that home school means one parent give up work and income of being at home and teach. The argument here goes that additional revenue would improve the standard of family living and would allow children to go to a “good” school and get “proper” education.

one area of ​​genuine concern that many people have is that home schooled children are cut off from their peers and will grow up lacking the social skills needed to survive in the modern world, or even just to be able to go to college. This is true, but to a large extent could be over come with an understanding of what home school, why parents have made this choice and support in terms of encouraging social interaction between children go to regular schools and home schoolers.

Yet another cause of home school controversy is the question of extracurricular activities – dramatics, sports, academic competitions and so on. This is one area of ​​concern is based, at least to some extent realized. While some state laws say home schooled child should be allowed to participate in all activities of the local school board, other states have child to regularly attend school to be eligible for participation. Whatever the law, the fact remains that a home schooler will not be able to be a member of a school sports team, something plays and many other parts of the regular school provides. A home schooler has also reduced the chance of normal School High Jinks who are very much apart growing up. Support groups can help to overcome this problem to some extent.

In the end it is for parents to weigh the pro and cons of home schooling and make his own decision. Home schooling is not a perfect solution, but if the community would cease to find reasons against home schooling and instead to find a way to support families who have opted for home schooling, no one would lose.


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